Convergence and Collaboration

Transnational EU project, Create Converge is about using creative/digital/tech to show, tell and sell. It’s about using the right mix of screen, animation, games, immersive, VFX, data. AI, robotics and beyond for applications like service delivery, training, marketing and to inform R&D.

So it's here that we are providing pointers on how to commission work and on why and how to collaborate.

We are also curating some great examples of applications.

There are absolutely opportunities to create and produce innovative and inspiring work, ease the pain of getting into tech outside your current comfort zone, tell stories, work on truly fascinating subjects, or turn them into fascinating.

So we are helping creative/digital/tech companies to collaborate and also to connect with new markets beyond entertainment. This is all kinds of sectors that need applications that are not just the same old business as usual - sectors from fashion to construction, automotive to energy, healthcare to tourism.