Come and experience Spinnergenics! It is all about exploring cross-border and cross-industry opportunities.

About this Event

Welcome to Let's Touch BASE, a collaborative event between BASE and Create Converge.

On this day, Spinnergenics founders, Veronica and David, will activate your creativity and stimulate you to look at collaborations. Veronica and David will demonstrate the power of creative thinking skills so that you can develop new perspectives about what is possible across borders and/or across industries in the creative, tech and digital sectors.

The Spinnergenics methodology utilises the 4P framework of Creativity to deliver a marketing strategy that is aligned with WHAT the business is about.

The 4 P’s of Creativity are:

  • Products
  • People
  • Processes
  • Press (environment)

Spinnergenics taps into the creative power of the People within a company, addresses and changes the Processes by changing the Press (environment) of that company in order to deliver a strategy for their product or service.

This process brings a wide range of representatives from throughout the company together over a series of workshops to challenge and change their dynamics, connections and assumptions. This short introduction session will activate your creative thinking super powers so that you can take over the world!

The 30-minute workshop will be followed by 30 minutes of Online Networking with a SPIN.

Online Networking with a SPIN

Spin networking pairs audience members up in a series of 10-minute for 1-on-1 sessions with new people. You can learn more about the concept and join the original event here.

About Spinnergenics

Marketing Strategist Veronica Gugian and Creative Activator David Chislett realised that together, they could create magic by tapping into the DNA of every business: its people. The result is Spinnergenics: combining creativity, YOUR intellectual capital and sound strategic thinking.

About Create Converge

Create Converge is an EU-funded project on a mission to give a boost to create, digital, and technology companies in the North Sea Region. We believe in the power of finding, and bringing together, suppliers and creators of different types of media and content, digital channels, immersive technologies, and data analysis, to develop applications that go beyond entertainment, affecting business objectives such as service delivery, training, marketing, and research and development. We are nine partners in five countries: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

Can't make it to the event? You can still join Create Converge for free at where you can create a profile and explore, as well as post, jobs, projects, and opportunities. You can also reach us directly at

About BASE

Born from the idea of offering businesses a new meeting point to grow together and learn the art of scaling sustainably, our mission is to bring together founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and experts who want to Build, Advance, Sustain and Elevate businesses. We are building a community of professionals that are committed to advance their business to the next level. We provide the knowledge, connection, and collaboration needed to sustainably scale-up the business. Only by working together, are we able to elevate our businesses.

We stand for Collaboration, Connection, Learning, Growth, and Respect.

BASE was founded by Veronica Guguian (Founder of SPIN Ideas) and Lana Jelenjev (Director of Learning for Dream See Do).