How can we find new ways of digital access to our XR events? How can we reach and bring in new audiences? What is required to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical experience? These are questions that the European XR scene is constantly trying to solve in these challenging times. Every event organizer comes up with different answers, new ideas and innovative responses. In this event, we want to combine our knowledge by connecting two leading European collaborations in this field: the newly formed EUROFEST XR ASSOCIATION which is an association of different XR festivals in Europe and the XR Crowd: ZeroEvents community which helps event organizers to identify methods of converting physical events into virtual ones.


Shari Frilot, XR Programmer Sundance Film Festival

A great opportunity to network, hold discussions, meet new people and get to know the most relevant European stakeholders around virtual events.

If you would like to attend please write an e-mail to

In cooperation with the North Sea Interreg Project Create Converge and Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein