Let's touch BASE sponsored by CC

Create Converge sponsored and partners participated in the design and realisation of this international networking event.

The event was managed by BASE (Amsterdam). Create Converge partners moderated sessions to foster transnational connections and an event book is being produced including a chapter on collaboration,

Create Converge, together with BASE Conference,  invited participation to discuss and explore international collaboration between creative, digital, and technologies companies in the EU.

Subatomic played a key role in identifying and introducing BASE and helped Create Converge organise this event with the goal of helping companies connect with each other (cross-nationally). This was achieved by facilitating conversation and recording the outcomes via a moderator. 

We kicked off the event with a short presentation from Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB in Denmark. In his daily work, Klaus merges decades of experience in marketing, entertainment and design with a holistic mindset of “whatever it takes to make it work”. The anchoring point of it all is the heart of the story and the experience, and the convergence of the two.

Afterward, participants met other companies in 3 facilitated 1:1 sessions and had the opportunity to introduce their company, expertise, and area of work.

All sessions included a moderator to help explore factors of collaboration such as:

  • past collaboration experiences, lessons learned, and best practices
  • possible uses for technologies
  • challenges and roadblocks that prevent (successful) collaboration
  • benefits of collaboration
  • challenges brought by COVID-19, including the increased focus on remote work
  • challenges brought by Brexit, including limitations in mutual access to UK & EU markets

Our goal was (and is) to help companies have a better understanding of the opportunities afforded by transnational cross-sector collaborations.

Collaboration can lead to:

  • breaking out of silos and enhancing your business
  • learn new skills
  • increase your capacity and revenue by opening doors to more interesting, or expansive, contracts
  • build a more diverse portfolio
  • learn about resources and facilitates through knowledge sharing
  • create opportunities for cross-promotion to each other's networks
  • access to funding target at stimulating collaboration

About BASE

Born from the idea of offering businesses a new meeting point to grow together and learn the art of scaling sustainably, our mission is to bring together founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and experts who want to Build, Advance, Sustain and Elevate businesses. We are building a community of professionals that are committed to advance their business to the next level. We provide the knowledge, connection, and collaboration needed to sustainably scale-up the business. Only by working together, are we able to elevate our businesses.

We stand for Collaboration, Connection, Learning, Growth, and Respect.

BASE was founded by Veronica Guguian (Founder of SPIN Ideas) and Lana Jelenjev (Director of Learning for Dream See Do).

Veronica Guguian                    Lana Jelenjev

About AdventureLAB

AdventureLAB is an integrated storytelling and experience design studio, and the core of our expertise is the merging of these two disciplines. We use the combination of brand, story, and experience design to create unique concepts, imaginative worlds and unforgettable moments. We want to empower professionals and give them an extended understanding of storytelling principles; that is why we also cooperate with other creative studios to help them build stronger creative foundations.


Klaus Sommer Paulsen, AdventureLAB