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We’re out there, searching high and low, for the best the North Sea region has to offer. Our goal is to build an active, creative digital community. We’ve already come across amazing examples of innovation in VR/AR, animation, VFX, production, post-production, games, and data visualization. We’ll be sharing and publishing these findings and insights, as well as opportunities to join in on active and upcoming project.

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Where the action is.


This is the Create Converge Lab, where we also roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. It’s based at the University of Herfodshire in the UK, where we’re pioneering transational collaboration methods. Here we produce demos, that take you beyond your comfort zone, creatively and professionally. We aim to inspire and develop methods and workflows that allow partners, from different towns, and even countries, to work together to discover and explore new technologies.

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5+ demos

CC produced content by 2020

$ 160 bn

Global VR software market predicted by 2023


Business applications share of global VR/AR software market predicted for 2023



Showcase your talent?

Yes, please! We’re looking to showcase talent and case studies from across the region. With nine partners in five countries, we’re able to  promote to a pretty darn big global network.

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