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We’re joining the dots with the new Create Converge Network.


We know that innovation is almost always powered by by collaboration, but some projects can leave you feeling, well, lonely. Are you curious to connect with people and with companies doing what you do? Interested in joining forces, to make new breakthroughs in your field?

We’re building the Create Converge Network, a platform to connect producers and creatives across the entire CC portfolio. We want to help you get advice, get input and maybe even find the people and companies who can help take your creative output and your business to a new level.
See what else we’re doing. Read more at CollaborateLearn and Reach Out.


Create Converge events over 3 Years


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Creative Digital companies across the North Sea Region

Connect with us

Screen media goes far beyond entertainment. It is also used across many industries and sectors – from medicine to energy, architecture to fashion – for education, training and service delivery. Get together with other creatives at our events, workshops and masterclasses to learn about other industries, and improve your skills. You can find out more at our events calendar.

Digital Convergence

We’re bringing creatives together at a digital media and convergence conference.

Transmedia Storytelling

We’re organising labs for transmedia storytelling.

Serious Games

We’re doing masterclasses and events around serious games.

Making transnational cooperation happen

Whether content is for entertainment, professional or industrial purposes, it requires the necessary facilities and technology for production and, crucially, production services and talent with specialist skills. Global consumer demand for film, TV and video games has consistently risen over decades from the birth of cinema to the advent of broadcast television, the internet and smart, mobile devices.

And demand is growing for these services. Countries across the North Sea Region include locations that are global centres for production, post-production, animation, VFX and games. Demand has equally presented a challenge and created a skills shortage. Partners in Create Converge recognise the opportunities to compete at European and global level and the need to develop economies of scale through collaboration, cooperation and pooling of resources.